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Bandoneon - Historic reproduction by Paolo Principi

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World Musette - A Collection of "musette" Accordion sounds

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Vintage Italian Accordion -Castelfidardo

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Posted by Barracuda Music
Tuesday, 2016-08-30
Development Through Music
Research has also established a clear connection between involvement in creative artistic activities and the development of healthy self-esteem and self-confidence.
Posted by Rob Robichaud
Monday, 2016-07-18
Less Is More (or, Stop the Plugin Madness!) by Rob Robichaud

Less Is More (or, Stop the Plugin Madness!)  So, you've just finished all the tracking for your next big hit. ... Read more

Posted by Barracuda Music
Sunday, 2016-06-26
How To Tune The Guitar To Perfection

 True Temperament featuring Erik Borelius, Steve Vai, and Mattias Eklundh  How To Tune The Guitar To Perfection  The following is... Read more

Posted by Barracuda Music
Wednesday, 2015-09-30
Rudy Sarzo - Professional recording and performing artist

Rudy Sarzo's credentials as a bass player are quite impressive. He has been a professional recording and performing artist worldwide... Read more

Posted by Barracuda Music
Thursday, 2015-04-16
Mark Baxter - Vocal Therapist

Some people are born to sing. Mark Baxter was not one of them. Undaunted, he studied, probed, inquired, explored, practiced... Read more

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