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Band in a Box (BIAB ) Demo

Band in a Box Demo

This page used to offer the free 2007 BIAB demo version.

However PG Music no longer offer demos of their software Band in a Box.  They discontinued the free demo version of BIAB back in 2009.  Even then that version had limitations and you could not save anything.

However there are videos on the product pages offered here that can give you a pretty good idea what BIAB demo would sound like.  Sorry to all who came here from the PG forum hoping to find a demo version but simply put you are not going to find it....and if you are thinking of looking for a cracked version...then be warned...many people use this gullibility to get you to download nasty little viruses and malware. 

To see our collection....along with demonstration videos.... click here.  We offer the lowest price out there.