Air Miles reward points and STAGE PASS Contact Support Confusion

Air Miles reward points and STAGE PASS

Air Miles and Live Nation liked our STAGE PASS name so much they “borrowed” it for a major promotion. They dismissed our concerns that they came up with the name only a few years after we had contact with Live Nation about the possibility of them buying our domain name.  The deal didn't go forward but instead they magically picked the name a few years later.  What an incredible coincidence.  A little too incredible we think.  Live Nation says Air Miles came up with it, we are still waiting on Air Miles to admit whether this was their idea or not.  I'm sure they are crafting their replies very carefully at this point (that's what our lawyers tell us)

They also downplayed the fact we have had to handle contacts from THEIR customers asking support questions that of course we can not help with. They said there nothing wrong with that as our core business have nothing in common so there would be minimal confusion over the brands... (define minimal)... In short they believe they have every right to use this name that we have been associated on the internet with since 1998.  Either they didn't do due diligence or are just arrogant and take what they want.  Either way, we are not their customer service overflow and we intend to take action.

So, now that we know the rules,  We are proud to announce we are working on new PROMOTION called Air Miles.... of course it will have nothing to do with saving points or air travel so all is good right? Turnaround is fair play right?

More to this story to come.... maybe there is nothing legal we can do since it's not a trademark issue per se although we briefly were an affiliate of Live Nation / Ticketmaster for a short time around the mid 2000's so we haven't ruled that out....but either way, we sure as hell can have some fun with it!

Watch for our future promotions and blog interviews which we will be promoting on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Hopefully common sense will prevail and this war will be a brief one.

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