Air Miles reward points and STAGEPASS Contact info

Air Miles reward points and STAGEPASS

We are getting a lot of phone calls and emails from people who think we are associated with the new Air Miles promotion between and Live Nation.

There is no association or similarity between their concert promotion and our brand name (STAGEPASS). To be truthful we first found it interesting and at first amusing that AirMiles chose our name and similar logo for their promotion. (***or at least a name that has been associated on the internet with us since 1998). But since it's inception it certainly has caused some confusion obviously.

So this page is here to say that STAGEPASS has no relationship with Air Miles at this time.  Therefore, unfortunately we can not help you with ticket issues etc.  Please refer all future calls and emails to the Air Miles website or Live Nation (Ticketmaster).

Thank you ...and we hope you enjoy the concerts or shows you've signed up for!