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Tune Buddies is the first live-action series designed to introduce children to the musical instruments.

Helps start them on their lifelong love of music.

Perfect for the teacher of small children!

Special Features include:

  • Kid-Friendly Interactive Menus
  • Video (VHS) and mini-dvd formats
  • Internet Connectivity (
  • Each video tape is color coded. If you can't remember the name of the family of instruments, think of the color of the tape and pop it in the VCR or DVD player!
Click Here to see the complete Tune Buddies Catalogue

The entire series will help children to understand how music is made from sounds, how they are played and built to create their own sound, and introduces them to the types of instruments so you can choose one (or more) to play. Whether you have a taste for classical music or a hunger for rock n' roll, our tuneful chef has got the recipe for making beautiful music. Get to know the musical families and their key instruments. Tune Buddies is the perfect introduction to a child's lifelong musical journey.

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