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Piano/Keyboard/Organ Sheet Music & Lessons - Free Online Piano Lessons Free Online Piano Lessons

Introducing our newest member of the Stagepass network Here you will find Free Piano Lessons where you can learn to play the piano using our watch and learn system. These free online piano lessons cover everything from basic fingering through to advanced scales. With these free online videos you can: Learn The Major Chord Formula, Harmonic Scale, Phrygian Mode, Pentatonic Scale or how to substitute and alter passing chords to give them a fat contemporary sound. We even have tips on how to jam with a band! Click here to check it out.

*Note: You may want to bookmark this site as it is presently in beta and new features such as being able to save your favorite videos will be added soon.

Piano & Organ Sheet Music & Instruction Music Books
Order sheet music and / or instruction by mail order from To use this site, always pay attention to the links on the right hand side of the page in the blue boxes. Quite often these links break down the section further for easy browsing. Have fun and we hope you find something interesting to enjoy!
Download Sheet Music
Why wait? Try the digital sheet music download service at Free Scorch Viewer let's you hear (midi) that you can play along with, transpose or even change instruments. Lots of formats to pick from including piano notes both accompaniment (Piano, Vocal) and piano solo (no lyrics as the piano plays the melody line), guitar tab, REAL BOOK (fake book style), just lyrics and EZ-play formats. Even Concert Band, Orchestra and Choral can be found here! Most scores (except scores that are only one page ..for obvious reasons)) shows a free sheet music preview so you know exactly what you are getting. Download your digital sheet music today! The free Scorch viewer (available on site) needed to view and print the sheet music. Songs range from $.99 to $3.99 for individual scores. If you have a account you can use the same email and password to log into Sheet Music Score.
Movie TV and Broadway Themes
Like the title says, this is where you will find the sheet music to theme songs from Movies, TV shows and even Broadway tunes.
Classical Piano
Of course, the selection can not be complete without including these sheet music classics for Piano! Find all the masterpieces here.
Orchestra Pieces and Scores
Full scores and sheet music renditions for many accompanying and solo instruments. For voice, piano, orchestra, woodwinds, trumpet (brass) and much more!
Rock 'N' Roll Piano Sheet Music
Since Jerry Lee Lewis first banged on the ivory keys, the piano has evolved as a major Rock 'N' Roll instrument. Now you can learn from these famous stylings while playing these classics.
Rock Piano Sheet Music
Learn how to rock the keyboard with classic rock stylings.
Swing Piano Sheet Music
Play swing and jazz ensembles with these books. Some of these include play along Cd's. A must for the swing music enthusiast!
Gospel Piano Sheet Music
From easy to advanced. This collection of sheet music is sure to get the spirit moving.
Sacred Songs For Piano - Sheet Music
Sacred Songs for Piano & Keyboard. Sheet Music from easy to advanced including all your favorites! Also has Piano and Organ Duets!
Blues Piano Sheet Music
From the basics to advanced blues stylings for piano. Sheet Music and books on how to play the blues.
Ragtime Piano Sheet Music
The art of ragtime from such notables as Scott Joplin for piano.
Great Piano Riffs Sheet Music
Great Piano Riffs for Blues, Jazz and Country!
Electronic Keybaord Music (EKM)
The biggest and best songbook series created especially for electronic keyboards!
The Best Chord Changes
Every song is based on a chord structure upon which the melody relies on for overall feeling and sound. Altered chords (variations of the original chords) make a song sound even more rich and professionally arranged. Frank Mantooth has written this series of books to give pianists the very 'best' chord changes for some of the most beautiful songs ever written. Each book includes over 100 songs with the melody line, chord symbols, lyrics, and a second line of altered chords printed in red above the original chords.
Real Chord Changes
One of the most common ways to add interest and excitement to a song is through the use of 'chord substitutions,' a process of altering original chords that creates harmony and more challenging arrangements. Champ Champagne removes any mystery associated with playing chord substitutions as he includes informative and easy to understand guidlines as well as helpful tips throughout this collection. Playing tips, introductions and endings appear in conjuction with many songs throughout the books. The music is presented in melody line/lyric/chords format with chord substitutions printed above the original chords in red.
Reggae Sheet Music
A Complete Method for Mastering the Many Styles of Reggae Piano and Organ. CD. This method for the piano and organ player thoroughly explores reggae's many sounds and illustrates step by step the various rhythmic and melodic techniques unique to reggae. It includes info on keyboard and equipment set-up, exercises and suggestions, and a chord dictionary. The accompanying CD allows players to hear the exercises and play along with them.
The Celtic Collection - Piano Sheet Music
Level: 'Intermediate'. Features 15 traditional Irish folk tunes masterfully arranged in Celtic style by the incomparable Phillip Keveren. Songs include: Be Thou My Vision Danny Boy (Londonderry Air) Down by the Salley Gardens The Galway Piper Kitty of Coleraine The Lark in the Clear Air Molly Malone (Cockles & Mussels) 'Tis the Last Rose of Summer The Wearing of the Green and more.
Latin Piano Sheet Music
Learn the Latin & Salsa feel! Lot's of great books and Latin songs!
Spanish Sheet Music
Training in the art of spanish piano. Many styles including Spanish Dance!
The Jewish Collection - Piano Sheet Music
All the most popular jewish songs for piano. Hebrew, Yiddish, Israeli Festive and traditional songs found here!
Synthesizer (Synth) programming, techniques, FastTrack and a spanish edition of 'What's a synthesizer?' - Que Is Unsintetizador?
Christmas Piano Sheet Music
Learn the Christmas classics solo or duets for many popular instruments. Songbooks, Sheet Music and More! Traditional, Swingin' Christmas, Razzle Dazzle, you name it it's here. With over a 150 items, please remember to bookmark your favorites, otherwise you will have to work your way back next time.
Chamber Music For Piano and Harpsichord - Sheet Music
Double Concerto For Harpischord & Piano With Two Chamber Orchestras 1961 - Elliot Carter is considered one of the most significant composers of the 20th century whose works are usually quite involved and intellectual. This full score includes extensive notes on seating for the players, types of instruments used, performance suggestions and program notes. Parts are rental.
Intermediate Piano Sheet Music
Sheet Music that is perfect for the Intermediate piano / keyboard player. Feature voicings, percussion techniques, harmonizing, ensembles for multiple keyboards, jazz ensembles and more!
Advanced Piano Sheet Music
Perfect for the advanced piano player. Feature books, sheet music, clavinova midi and advanced methods for jazz and classical.
Suzuki Piano
Piano Teachers and students of the Suzuki method can find their course material here.
Alfred Premier Piano Course
Piano Teachers and students of the Alfred Premier piano course can find their course material here. Tell your piano teacher that the Basic Piano Course by Alfred Publishing is here too!
Piano Solos - Sheet Music
With over 400 items to browse, this is for the truly ambitious. Get your coffee or favorite drink and pack a lunch, this browsing could take a while! When you do find something interesting, please bookmark the page so you don't have to 'work' your way back there..Enjoy!
Piano Large Works - Sheet Music
With over 200 items to browse, this is also for the truly ambitious. Get your coffee or favorite drink and pack a lunch, this browsing could take a while! When you do find something interesting, please bookmark the page so you don't have to 'work' your way back there..Enjoy!
Harpsichord Sheet Music
The grandfather of the piano has it's place here too. Lot's of arrangements, orchestra, solos, duets, sonattas, and much much more!
FastTrack Keyboard/Piano Method
FastTrack is (you guessed it!) a quick way for beginners to learn to play piano. Skeptical of method books? (Yeah, we think they can be boring too!) That's why we've made FastTrack different from the rest: user friendly, with plenty of cool songs, and a lot more fun! These books teach you what you need to know to get playing right away. Also as a bonus, all the last sections of FastTrack methods for different instruments are the same so players can form a band and jam together! How cool is that?
Hal Leonard Student Piano Library
Supplemental Solo Songbooks for all Piano Methods. Songs students know and love with great teacher accompaniments. Also available on CD or General Music Disk. Arranged by Bill Boyd, Fred Kern, Phillip Keveren, Mona Rejino and Rober Vandall. Carefully graded for all piano methods!
Hal Leonard Complete Piano Library
It's all here! Supplemental Solo Songbooks for all Piano Methods. This is the complete database so please bookmark anything you like to save a long ride back there! Over 250 products in all. Also available on CD or General Music Disk. Carefully graded for all piano methods!
Musicians Institute (MIT) Music Reading For Keyboards
Music Reading for the keyboard. (Essential Concepts Series) This is the core curriculum course taught at MI to all students. The goal of this book is to allow musicians to pick up any sheet music & to quickly under- stand it, w/out pausing to think about it, so they can immediately play it.
Beginner Sheet Music & Instruction
Perfect for the beginning piano player. Books and Video laying down the basics of Piano for the earliest of students.
Keyboard Starter Kits
Perfect for the beginning keyboard player. Featuring Hal Leonard and Disney Piano Starter Kits. Also includes Fast Track and many group artist songbooks for the Electronic Keyboard. Over 150 to choose from!
Adult Piano Method
Perfect for the adult player. From beginner to the more advanced, Books, Cd's, Yamaha Midi Software, 'Classic Movie Themes', Showtunes, Old Time Rock 'N' Roll and more!
Piano Chords
Chords, how they work and how to play them. In many Genres!
Children's Piano Pieces
From Easy to Masterpieces teachers and parents (sometimes one and the same) can find pieces to challenge their children here. Please remember to keep it is the 'joy' of music after all!
Piano Fun!
Now the kids can play their favorite songs from Pokemon on a special piano made just for them, or the Disney collection of children's songs from famous movies. All in E.Z play notation! Also find Music Games and more! If you have a child you are introducing to music, then you really have to check this out!
Easy Piano
These books feature easy arrangements for piano with lyrics.
E-Z Play Today
The shortest distance between beginning music and playing fun. Large 9" x 12" format make them easy to read.
Five Finger Piano
These books feature simple arrangements for five fingers and include optional teacher duet parts so even young players can sound great right away! Helpful keyboard diagrams show starting finger positions.
Big Note Piano
Singalongs, Songs From Disney Classics, Songs Kids Love, Songs of America, Sound Of Music, Sounds of The 60's, Sounds of The 70's, Timeless Standards, Today's Pop Hits, TV Hits, more.
Beginner Organ
Learn To Play Sacred Music For The Organ Beginner & Organ Series Music For Organ, Adult Beginner.
Organ Method Series
The Organ Method series...From Pop to Sacred..find everything you need to begin playing the organ today!
Hammond Organ
The Hammond B-3 has been hailed as the King of all Organs: if you hear an organ in the music you listen to, be it rock, jazz, blues, rap, whatever- chances are it's a Hammond. Its sound has been immortalized in classic tunes like 'Whiter Shade of Pale' and 'Green-Eyed Lady'. From Blues and Rock to Sacred music for the Hammond Register, along with a reference book, can be found here!
Learn to play in the organ with these helpful music instruction books. Huge database with 400 items for the Organist who takes what they do seriously.
Gospel Organ
Get the spirit moving with these Gospel Organ music & songs. A must for the church organist who wants to 'update' their material or to aquire that special prelude!
Sarced Organ
Get the spirit moving with Organ Sacred music & songs. A must for the church organist who wants to 'update' their material or to aquire that special Prelude or Nocturne!
Christmas Organ
Ring in the spirit of Christmas with these books that include all of the traditional organ stylings of the season. From Christmas classics to Sacred Folios and Easy services for Church. Find it all here!

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Notation Guide
Music Notation Guide The Music Notation Guide illustrates the musical notation formats used in our publications. Tab and Midi Keyboard compatibility charts are also here!

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