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Customer Service Dept.
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Click on one of the following Questions regarding our Customer Service Policies and Procedures

Contacting the Customer Service Department

You can reach customer service by the following methods.


If you are looking for product information or concerns about your order, this is your best method. This is because most of the questions have to be researched with other depts before we can give you a proper answer. Customer emails are given the highest priority. E-mail us by clicking on one of the dept. contact links below

Customer Service / Order Desk

Use this email form to contact the Customer Service Dept. if you have questions about your order.

For faster service, please be sure to include your order Confirmation number in the subject of the email when referring to your order. This number can be found on your email receipt, shipping notice or on your Accounts page under Order Tracking and Management.

Product Questions

Use this form for all product related questions


Use this form to request a return authorization

Be sure to read our Return Policy and Procedure first

General Questions

For General Questions

Business Office - Proposals etc.

For those who have a business proposal, link request or want to include a product in our catalog

Site Suggestions - Webmaster

Give us your opinion on how we can make our site a better shopping experience

Please do not send multiple emails to different depts. regarding the same issue. This actually slows response time considerably as all your emails are grouped together first and then forwarded to the appropiate dept. In fact, replying to the original email receipt is the very best way of contacting the order dept. while keeping all your important information intact!

**Administration Phone:866-374-2337

**PLEASE NOTE: Please do NOT call regarding product or order related questions as the phone order desk will not be able to help you. For faster service for your product or order related questions, please contact us by email or simply reply to the original email receipt if you are already a customer. All customer services questions will be replied to by email so as to have a written record

Fax: 1-802-419-3057 - For adminstration use only. Do not use this method for contacting us regarding your order. (If you wish us to respond, please include your email address!) Also do not use for Purchase Orders. See our Customer Service page for details on how to order using our Online Purchase Order System.

Regular Mail: Inc.
555 Rte 78 Suite 165
Swanton VT 05488

For return items please use the address found under Return Policy and Procedure

Attention School Accounts. Do not send Purchase Orders to this address without first registering as a school in our Online Purchase Order program. Purchase orders received by mail or fax that are not found in our system will not be filled.

MyStagepass Account

Although we do not require you to create an account to make a purchase with us, you may want to consider the advantages outlined below. Please remember that we value our customers privacy and will not spam you or give your information to any third party.

The MyStagepass Account page can be found by clicking on the button at the top right of every page. Here you can track the progress of your order, change saved (default) information such as billing, shipping or modify /change your email address and password. You can also turn on Express checkout for really fast service in the future! (see details under Express Checkout) Below is details on the features and benefits of being a member.

Order Tracking & Management

Here you can track the progress of your orders. Also you can edit / make changes to orders that have not yet been processed. During this time your order will read 'Not Yet Shipped'. Once Processed, no further changes can be made nor can it be cancelled.

To change your billing or shipping information be sure to understand the concept that there is only 'one' address book for both. If you 'edit' an address under (let's say) billing, the shipping address will also change since you would be modifying the address that may be used for both shipping and billing. In order change your billing or shipping address so that they are different from one another you need to first add a different address to the Address Book. First click on the button next to shipping or billing information. Then click on the button at the top left. From there add your new address and then click 'use this as my billing or shipping address' as needed. The next time you see your address book there will be two addresses and depending if you under Billing or Shipping it will be marked as default. You can add many different addresses to your address book and use them as needed clicking on the Use this address button..

Canceling orders can be done by the customer at anytime prior to it being marked processed. Again it will say 'Not Shipped' and there will be a cancel link below. From there follow the links to cancel / delete your order.

Once orders have been Processed you can not cancel or edit the order.

Contact us by replying to your email receipt if you have any problems with any of these procedures.

Edit Account Information

Edit / Change your Account Name, E-mail address, or Password.

Edit Saved Information

Add new information or change (edit) your defaults such as shipping/billing addresses, payment options, preferred shipping methods etc. Especially useful if you use Express Checkout!

To change your billing or shipping information be sure to understand the concept that there is only 'one' address book for both. If you 'edit' an address under (let's say) billing, the shipping address will also change since you would be modifying the address that may be used for both shipping and billing. In order change your billing or shipping address so that they are different from one another you need to first add a different address to the Address Book. First click on the button next to shipping or billing information. Then click on the button at the top left. From there add your new address and then click 'use this as my billing or shipping address' as needed. The next time you see your address book there will be two addresses and depending if you under Billing or Shipping it will be marked as default. You can add many different addresses to your address book and use them as needed clicking on the Use this address button.

Express Checkout

For those who's information rarely changes, here is something really useful and convenient. This allows you to order without having to choose the billing/shipping address each time as it uses your defaults (saved information) and goes straight to payment options. For those of you who have also saved card information in your defaults it means one click ordering. Even if you have to make a few changes, you are given the chance to edit any information in your defaults before proceeding. Turn on 'Express Checkout' now by clicking on the 'on' button and see how fast and effortless ordering can be!

Redeem Gift Certificate

If you received a gift certificate, you can redeem it here.

Stage Bucks

Introducing Stage Bucks a cash back reward program for our regular customers. Each time you buy from us a percentage of your order will be saved in your Stage Bucks account. At any time you can 'Cash Out' and add the money to your regular account which then can be applied towards your next order. Use it everytime or just let it build.

Download Sheet Music -

Can't wait for mail order delivery? Then try our new digital delivery service at Once you download the free viewer (Scorch) you can preview, download and print the sheet music & guitar tabs today. Also if you have a account you can sign in without having to create a new one! Click here to get started!!

Translation Service

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Site Security

Online Purchasing is sensitive to your concerns regarding the security of using your credit cards to purchase products online via the internet. Safeguarding your privacy and confidentiality is of the utmost importance to us.

We combine the highest level of security available using SSL 128 Bit Secure Socket Layer Encryption, and Verisign protection providing peace of mind that your information is protected from prying eyes. All credit card information is encrypted, downloaded and then deleted online and stored in an offline environment where potential hackers can not access. Customer's who use the online save credit / debit card option for faster purchases can be assured that their information is kept under the most strictest secure SSL environment and firewalls.

Other Payment Methods

If you are still uncomfortable using your credit card to make purchases over the Internet, you still can order from us using the phone order method. See the top of this page under Ordering and click on Phone Order Method for instructions. We also accept mail orders, PayPal accounts, and Purchase Orders from Corporate or School accounts.

Victims of Fraud

If, at any time someone uses your card without your knowledge to order from us, please contact us and we will resolve the issue to your satisfaction including a full refund on your credit card for the fraudulent purchase.

In the event of unauthorized use of your credit card, you must notify your credit card provider in accordance with its reporting rules and procedures. This will insure that further unauthorized use will be halted immediately.

Most credit card companies do not hold you liable for transactions on the internet if they were unauthorized by you. A few will charge you up to $50 of the value.

How to Shop
  1. Our store is broken down into sections, Books (which includes sheet music, study material, songbooks /Cd's, and instruction material), Videos & DVD's, Software / CD's (including ShowTrax and ChoirTrax) and of course are our very popular general Midi Disk titles and accompaniment for piano / keyboards. You can browse by instrument or specialty items. Just pay attention to the right hand side of every page. Breakdowns of items that have a huge database can be found here so you can get to what you want faster. To find artist's work for all products visit our Group/Artist section. Our collection and layout is unrivaled. Many times there are more available sheet music and other formats such as videos, midi disks, choral etc. for the writer / artist, listed on the ride hand side.

    When you find an item you may want to buy, just click on the Use this to add products to the shopping cart Button. It will automatically be placed in your shopping cart and take you there to review the order.

    If you want to continue shopping, just click on the continue shopping button shown here Continue Shopping to return to the last page you were on.

    Quick BUY buttons can also be found throughout the site. These will also add the item to the shopping cart.

  2. You can also use the cart as a calculator for price and shipping. You are not obligated to buy. Just enter the item(s) you want into the cart. (Remember you can always remove it later or change the quantity) Enter shipping information for where you want it shipped and continue on to see what shipping options / prices are available for that address so you can calculate what the final price will be. This will be helpful with making your decision on what to buy and how fast you want it.

  3. At any time, you can empty your shopping cart or take an item out. To remove an item, simply click on the Delete link.

  4. To save it for another time click on Save for later which keeps items safely in a place where you can retrieve it later and put it back into the cart (click move to cart in your saved items list) when you are ready to purchase.

  5. To change the quantity (how many) of the items you are ordering, change the number in the QTY window and click the Save Changes button.

  6. Sometimes when trying to add an item, you will see the statement Product Not Found In Database This notice means the item is permanently out of production by the publisher and unavailable. Back ordered items are also listed and updated on our site. When an item is on back order a notice is posted on the products 'detail' (Click to see more... ) page. Our database is updated by the shipping department on a daily basis. Email us for status of any particular item.

How to Order
  1. When you're finished shopping and are ready to purchase (or just to calculate the total cost), click on the Proceed to Checkout button. This will take you to the page where you can enter or choose* your shipping address. (*if you have ordered before it will remember your last shipping choice) Once you have entered or selected* (*by clicking on the 'Use This Address' button) a shipping address you can proceed to the shipping methods / choices and charges for your address. From this page you can choose the speed and shipping price that you would like and then click again on Proceed to Checkout to move on to the next step which will be The Payment Options page. Follow this button till the very end after you complete each stage of ordering. Remember the information you enter here is kept on file (*Exception: We do not keep credit card numbers on our servers for obvious security reasons) so you only have type in all this information once. The next time you order the cart remembers all your basic information such as billing, shipping information etc. making it very easy to order from then on. Or if you choose to activate your Express Checkout (you can turn this on from your MyStagepass Accounts page) it is even faster as it will assume all the shipping / billing information is the same and in just a couple of clicks you are done!

  2. Be sure to only choose only 'one' payment option. They can not be combined. For instance if you chose credit / debit card and filled out the required information but then clicked on another such as phone, mail etc. the information will be deleted going forward (for security reasons) and not passed on to our order dept. This is because in essence you have changed your mind about how you wish to pay. Please look up the different payment options from the list above to see what the differences are.

  3. Next you will have to enter or choose your billing address. Again either enter a new address or choose from what is already there in the address book. Remember there is only one address book but you can add multiple addresses. So if you have a different billing address click on Enter new address if you don't want to use the one that is in the address book. Editing the address changes the address for both shipping and billing. Once you have entered the information and / or click on the 'Use this address' button you will taken to the Summary page which is the final step before completing the order.

  4. The final page before actually completing the order is called The Summary Page. This is your chance to look over the order and all the information to make sure it's correct. If you have any problems with the shipping / billing address, remember that you can add more addresses by using the edit button. (Editing a single address will change both shipping and billing if they are used as defaults in the address book) See MyStagepass Account information on this page for details on how to have different shipping and billing information on the same order. Once you are content that the order is correct, click on the Click Here to Complete Order button. This will take you to a thank you page. You can also expect a thank you email confirmation from us with all your order details etc. If you do not receive one please reach out by email and contact us and we will get another copy out to you right away. The most common reason for not receiving an email receipt is starting an account with an email that has a mistake in the address. This is why we ask that you type it twice so please don't just copy and paste as that may replicate any mistakes. Another problem we face on a daily basis comes from 'free' email services (especially Hotmail and Yahoo)which have expired, over quota or otherwise unavailable) A new problem we are facing now is email spam filters that are set to high and stops our mail from getting through (especially Aol customers for some reason) Please make an effort to test the email address that you give us to make sure it's working so we may stay in contact regarding your order.

Express Checkout

For those whose information rarely changes, here is something really useful and convenient. This allows you to order without having to choose the billing/shipping address each time as it uses your defaults (saved information) and goes straight to payment options. For those of you who have also saved card information on file with our order desk it means our fastest service as the cart will take you directly to the order summary page when you click on the Check Out button where you are only one click away from ordering. Even if you have to make a few changes, you are given the chance to edit any information in your defaults before clicking on the button. Turn on 'Express Checkout' now by clicking on the 'on' button and see how fast and effortless ordering can be! (**note: you must be signed in first before this will work)


Express Checkout
Status: Off (Turn On)

Status: On (Turn Off)

Payment Options

Accepted forms of payment include Credit / Debit card payments, PayPal Accounts (*note: if you have a PayPal Debit card select the default credit/debit card payment option), Online checks *US Bank Accounts Only. (checks have to clear your account before shipment of your order), Phone Orders (A special number is given after completing the order in our shopping cart system to call in your credit card numbers), Purchase Order (for US Schools Only)and of course the standard Mail Order option where you would send the order form generated by the cart system along with payment by money order or check (again please note that check orders are held until they clear the customer's account before shipping takes place).

All orders (including those by phone) must be completed in our shopping cart system. This is too insure that a receipt and shipping charges and documents are generated properly.

Credit Card Payments accepts the following Credit / Debit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express & Discover. Online payments are safe and secure! All your information is encrypted with a 128 bit encryption code (SSL) the highest in the industry. What some people fail to realize is that everytime they swipe their card in a retail store their information is going over the internet however it is encrypted and without the key anyone intercepting that inforamtion would only find 128 bits of what looks like random gibberish. The charge for your order will appear on your credit card statement as " Inc."
All approved credit card orders are usually shipped within 24-48 hours of receipt depending on availability of stock.

This method is the default method in our cart system. You will notice that this option is default option (except schools where it would be purchase order). Just put your credit card information and move forward.

Please do notput your credit card informaton and then click on mail order or any other method of payment. For instance, if you put your credit card information in and click on mailorder, your credit card information is immediately deleted and not passed on to us. Instead you will be led to the mail order option which requires you to print the page and send it to us via mail along with your payment. Once any option is completed your cart is emptied (except for the save for later items) You also can save your credit card with us. This will mean faster ordering and processing through the cart system on future orders.

PayPal Accounts

Please Note: if you are paying using a PayPal Debit MasterCard please choose the regular online Credit Card / Debit card payments and not the PayPal option which is used by people who have funds available or have credit / debit cards and / or bank accounts associated with their PayPal account.

Important: PayPal payments (as in all orders) have to be completed using our Shopping Cart system. Payments for items that have not been processed in our Shopping Cart are ignored and not processed. This usually happens when potential customers think all they have to do is find the price of the product, log into their PayPal account and make the payment. The problem with this is that no shipping prices can be added and email receipts and shipping documents are not generated.

Have a PayPal account? If you wish to use your PayPal account simply choose the PayPal payment option in our shopping cart.
To make the final payment you will need to click on the logo on the final page to be taken securely to your PayPal account to finalize the purchase. This will pass on your order information directly to PayPal.

Transactions must be marked as cleared before your order will be shipped. Verified PayPal customers are cleared the same business day. Unverified accounts and e-checks may take longer to clear

Fax orders are 'not' recommended or encouraged

We do not accept FAX orders of any kind including Purchase Orders. All orders must be completed online using the shopping cart system with no exceptions. This is due to the automation of our systems. Purchase Orders are also accommodated online. See below for complete details on how to set up a Purchase Order account.

Also note that emails are better for order or other questions as they are answered more quickly. Faxes are only examined twice a day. If you must fax us a question regarding your order please include your confirmation number (found on your email receipt or on your Account page under Order Tracking and Mangement) and please include an email address to receive a response. We do not respond by Fax.

Purchase Orders

Do not send Purchase Orders by mail or fax without first creating an account with us and then completing the Online Purchase Order using our shopping cart. Purchase orders received that are not found in our system will not be filled. Please take the time to read the important information below.

For US based Public Schools, Libraries, College and Universities only. This feature allows for the use of Purchase Order numbers by authorized personnel such as music teachers etc. It's a great way for you to quickly order online and to get Stage Bucks rewards on every purchase!

You must register with us as a school first. This option is given to you when you create an account. If you already have an account and you would like it to be changed to a school account (which allows for purchase orders) please contact us by email. Click here for a list of Customer Service emails

Be sure to click on the radio button next to School Account
at the bottom of the
Create Account Form

On all first order applications, verification of the school information including the authorization of the person making the order will be made before the first order is shipped. This unfortunately will cause a delay on the first order. However, this is only done once so there is no delay on future orders once your account is established.

Once you register as a school, the Purchase Order payment method will be available to you under the Payment Options page in our shopping cart as the default. Of course you can choose to order via any of the other methods (credit card etc.) just by clicking (choosing) the small radio button next to each option.

After choosing the Purchase Order method you will receive the invoice on the final page and again by email immediately after ordering.

This is your official invoice and you will receive no other by regular mail.

Please print it out and make sure this invoice gets to the person in business services that is in charge of payment of Purchase Orders. Of course you may request a copy at any time.

Payment is due within 30 days of receipt of merchandise.

Feel free to contact us with any questions by clicking on the Live Help logo at the top of this page.

All Purchase Order Refunds are store credit only.

Gift Certificates
Gift Certificates

With Gift Certificates from you can surprise some special person with a shopping spree sent right to their email box on the date you specify. Choose a birthday, holiday, or any other special occasion and the email will be sent out that day. Just buy one today and you can relax knowing they will receive their gift on the day you specified! Click here to view sample or click here to order.

If you received a Gift Certificates you can Redeem it Here

Mail Order
Mail Order

You can also order by Money Order via Mail Order Just use the cart as you would for a credit card order except under payment options choose Mail Order. Just print the copy of the special mail order form found on the final page and send it along with payment to the address given under that option. Money Orders are treated as cash and items are shipped immediately once received at the mail order desk, while personal check orders are held up to 5 business days while the check clears your account before it is shipped.

Unfortunately items that are back ordered or returned are not refunded by check when you use this method. All Refunds are store credit only.


Unlike our competition we have no lead times except for international orders outside the US or Canada.

Shipping time is 24 - 72 hours during business days Mon - Fri.

Priority orders (UPS Orange, Blue and Red) are normally shipped in 24-48 hours while the other shipping options of USPS mail and UPS Ground are shipped in 48-72 hours depending on the season and other factors. On priority orders, we guarantee that it will be there in the time frame given however we do not guarantee when the order will ship. The only exception to this time guarantee is if THE PACKAGE IS DELAYED DUE TO EMERGENCY CONDITIONS BEYOND UPS' CONTROL. This could include weather, warehouse closings, airport closings, UPS not picking up packages (due to extreme weather) and other unforeseen events beyond any reasonable control. All other shipping options like USPS mail and UPS Ground are only time estimates and we do not guarantee them.

We have 4 different shipping choices in the continental US and two options for Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.

International orders at this time have only one shipping option via 1st Class Global Mail and are shipped within 3 - 5 business days

Shipping Options within the United States:

The following shipping methods are normally shipped within 48 - 72 hours

Media Mail - Travels by truck and not by air. While the cheapest, it is also the slowest but if you can wait, then it's a great deal. Delivery time is estimated at 2-3 weeks.

USPS Mail or UPS Ground - Takes from 4 to 9 Business days depending on where you live.

UPS priority orders (below) are usually shipped within 24 hours. (Business days only!)

UPS Orange
3-4 Business days *

* Not counting weekends or holidays
UPS Blue
2-3 Business days *

* Not counting weekends or holidays
1-2 Business days *

* Not counting weekends or holidays


UPS can not deliver to P.O. Box numbers. All orders going to box numbers are shipped USPS Mail!

Note: International Orders sometimes can be delayed by customs.

Our various product lines do not always ship from the same warehouse. Therefore your order may ship from more than one warehouse and arrive on different days.

Remember you can also use the cart as a calculator for price and shipping. You are not obligated to buy. Just enter the item(s) you want into the cart. (Remember you can always remove it later or change the quantity) Choose your shipping option and it will calculate what the final price will be. This will be helpful with making your decision on what to buy and how fast you want it.

Your order of in-stock merchandise will arrive in 4-8 'business'days, unless you have selected UPS Priority delivery. Please note that business days do not count weekends and holidays! We will notify you if any item cannot be shipped within 30 days and you will be given the option to wait, replace the article with something else or cancel your order and have your money returned to your credit card or account. Orders received over the weekend and on holidays will be processed on the following business day. i.e. If you place an order on a Priority Order on Friday after 10 A.M. (Eastern Standard Time) it will not ship out till the following Monday. Non priority orders (USPS Mail, and UPS Ground) may not ship out till Tuesday.

Free Shipping Eligibility

Note: Our Free shipping comes to you by UPS and not the slow boat to China (USPS Bulk Mail) which our competitors use that can take up to 4 weeks for you to get the product. We guarantee delivery within 7 business days!

How do I take advantage of your Fast Free Shipping offer?

1. Place over $49 of eligible products or over $99 of any items in your * Shopping Cart.
(Eligible items are marked with our free shipping icon. (Eligible products include Midi Disk Files for Piano / Keyboard and selected CD-ROM's, software and CD's")

2. Proceed to checkout.

3. Ship your items to a single address in the continental United States

Applies to mainland U.S. delivery addresses only. Does not include Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Guam or other non mainland U.S. addresses which UPS does not service by UPS Ground. International addresses are not eligible for free shipping.

4. Free Shipping Orders are Shipped UPS Ground and will arrive between 5-7 business days. Of course you can still pay for faster delivery if that's what you really require.

5. Place your order, and enjoy the free shipping!

Please note that we are testing this free shipping option to learn what works for our customers and what is feasible for our business. This means that this offer may be removed at any time.

If you decide to return the entire order or product(s) you may be subject to the shipping charges you normally would have paid if the return causes you to no longer meet the above requirements

*Note: *Free shipping does not apply to our eBay Clearance Center

Military Shipping Addresses

Note: offers U.S. 1st Class Mail service to APO/FPO U.S. Military addresses. Due to military handling times, we cannot estimate shipping times to APO/FPO addresses.

1. Enter your full name
2. On the first address line put your station. Example: Osan AB, Korea
3. For City put your designation and Box number. Example: PSC (#) Box (#)
4. In the pull down menu for state, look for Armed Forces and choose APO (Army Post Office) or FPO (Fleet Post Office)along with "AE" (mail going to Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and portions of Canada), "AP" (the Pacific) and "AA" (for the Americas and portions of Canada) in the state field.
Example: If you are in the army and stationed in Korea you would choose from the pull down list for state, Armed Forces APO-AP
5. Country should always be set to United States
6. Enter zip code of your military DoD address

Please note that it's crucial that your address is correct for DoD to be able to forward your package. If you are not sure contact us immediately after ordering and we will verify if it's in the correct format or not but you have to do this 'before' the order is processed. Once it goes to the shipping lanes it is too late to make any changes.

Error Message - "No Common Encryption Algorithm"

If you are receiving the error message "No Common Encryption Algorithm", it means your browser is out of date and is not compatible with the latest 128 bit encryption codes needed to 'secure' your order. If you are using Internet Explorer (IE) 4.01 or 4.5 for the Macintosh (or lower versions), you will receive this error, as these browsers do not support this high level encryption.

To correct this we recommend Internet Explorer 7 from Microsoft.

Sales Tax

At this time sales tax is not charged for internet transactions in the US

Order Confirmation Number / Receipt

Upon completing your order you will receive receipt showing your confirmation number. Please save this number and refer to it if you need to contact a Customer Service Representative. The best way is to include the subject heading into any email correspondence (or the confirmation number and your name). This will ensure that your request will be answered in the shortest possible time. Emails that do not include the proper information delay locating the order and processing your request.

Processing an Order

Orders are shipped fast and in many cases direct from the publisher to you. You pick the speed from non priority UPS Ground and USPS Mail to Priority UPS delivery. Non Priority orders such as UPS Ground and USPS Mail are shipped within 72 hours of receipt. So if you ordered on a Monday, it would ship by Thursday at the latest (during non busy seasons they often ship within 48 hours but remember any and all warehouses can fall behind a bit especially in busy seasons or be closed due to severe winter weather) Priority orders such as UPS Orange, Blue and Red are shipped within 24 hours or even same day if received before 9 AM EST. Remember these are business days only. Nothing ships on the weekend. So if you order on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, the next business day will be Monday

International orders are usually processed in 3-4 days as they take more time to prepare and in many cases we must wait for the product from more than one publisher before sending them off.

Once orders are shipped, you will receive a confirmation email to let you know that the order is on it's way.

Change / Cancel Orders processes your orders very quickly. If you find that you have made an incorrect order, or need the information changed log into your MyStagepass Account page by clicking on the button (top right of every page) and follow the Order Tracking & Management Link. From there click on the confirmation number of the order you wish to cancel or edit. If your order has not yet been processed, it will say 'Not Shipped' which means there is still time to make changes. Although you can't add anything too the order you can update quantities, delete items and change billing and shipping information.

To change your billing or shipping information be sure to understand the concept that there is only 'one' address book for both. If you 'edit' an address under (let's say) billing, the shipping address will also change since you would be modifying the address that may be used for both shipping and billing. In order change your billing or shipping address so that they are different from one another you need to first add a different address to the Address Book. First click on the button next to shipping or billing information. Then click on the button at the top left. From there add your new address and then click 'use this as my billing or shipping address' as needed. The next time you see your address book there will be two addresses and depending if you under Billing or Shipping it will be marked as default. You can add many different addresses to your address book and use them as needed clicking on the Use this address button.

Canceling orders can be done up until it's processed. Again it will say 'Not Shipped' and there will be a cancel link below. From there follow the links to cancel / delete your order.

Once orders have been Processed you can not cancel or edit the order.

Contact us by replying to your email receipt if you have any problems with any of these procedures.

Order Status

To ask questions about your order contact us by email and please include name with order / confirmation numbers. The best way of contacting us is simply respond (reply) to your email confirmation or shipping receipt. This will insure that all necessary information is passed on to us. We consider these requests a priority and will respond as quickly as possible.

Privacy Policy

Maintaining a positive relationship with our customers and respecting their privacy is extremely important to us. We realize that the information you gave us was on a condition of trust and we take that very seriously.

We will never spam you, so you do not have to worry about giving us your email address during the ordering process. The only emails you will receive from us will be regarding your order, product updates (software only), or replying to a question or concern.

Rest assured we will never give out your personal information or email address to anyone else

Some of you (our customers) have requested a newsletter regarding product updates, sales etc. If you are interested in receiving this information and you have an account, you can indicate that by MyStagepass Account page under preferences. Simply click the 'turn on' link under the word Newsletter. to indicate that you would wish to receive it. By default the newsletter will be set to the off position to insure that only people who choose the newsletter receives one. As soon as we feel there are enough people requesting such a service, we will implement a newsletter program.

*Note, you have to sign in to the accounts page before the on / off link is visible.

Use of Spam Filters and Programs

We have noticed an increase of customers not getting their email receipts, shipping notices and responses to their questions due to the use of spam filters. This can lead to customers not being told their items are on back order, out of print etc. If you are an use a spam filter and feel your queries are being ignored and / or you are not receiving your email receipts and shipping notices, this is the most likely explanation. Please try contacting us from a different email address if you suspect this is happening. Please be careful when using these filters as many will mark our customer service emails with a false positive and our emails end up in a Spam folder or worse (deleted) Also please do not block our domain as it will be impossible for us to communicate with you regarding your order or to answer your email questions. This is especially true with AOL customers

If at all possible whitelist our domain if you have that capability.

People who use verification spam filters may not receive their emails on time and sometimes not at all. There is one specific company that asks us for a question that only the customers friends know. Therefore of course we can not reply to those as there is no way for us to know the answer.

Rest assured we will never give out your personal information or email address to anyone else nor will we abuse it in anyway including sending offers etc. which we consider spam and a customer nuisance unless specifically requested.

Return Policy and Procedure

Please follow all return instructions carefully to insure that your return is processed correctly. Not following procedure can cause serious delays in processing your return refund or credit. Unauthorized returns containing items that are ineligible will not be processed. No refunds will be given for any returnable item that was simply returned to sender or without a return authorization. In these cases it will be store credit only. In the case of returned to sender (which goes directly back to the publisher) a store credit will be given once the publisher forwards it to us again providing the items were elligible in the first place. See restricted item list below which have conditional return criteria

Our Return Policy

If you have received damaged, defective or incorrectly shipped merchandise, Contact us and we will gladly replace the merchandise without additional charge, or provide you with a full refund.

Returns must authorized by email first and received within 30 days following our instructions as outline here. Failure to follow our return instructions will lead to delays in processing your request or possibly even your return order getting lost. 'Do Not' simply refuse the package or return to sender as many times they are shipped from the publisher. (especially priority orders)

If you're not 100% satisfied with any purchase that is eligible for return (see list of exceptions below), for any other reason, simply return the product in its original packaging within 30 days and we'll gladly issue you a refund or store credit. Again, please be sure to follow our instructions on returning items. Items returned to an incorrect address can cause serious delays in processing.

The return package must be received by us and verified that it is in original condition and packaging before a refund or store credit can be issued.


Videos / DVD's, SongKits, Preview, ShowTrax / ChoirTrax Cd's, Midi File Disks, scores, single music sheets (including choral pieces) & musicals (Christmas pageants etc.) can only be exchanged for another of the same title when found to be damaged or defective. This is due to the nature of the formats and the ease in which they can be copied and to prevent sending items back that are used for evaluation purposes and can not be resold as new.

Christmas musicals, midi disks, songbooks etc. will not be accepted as returns after Dec 15th unless it was delivered after said date. Preview Cd's are non returnable items.

Exceptions: If the above items are wrapped in cellophane which has not been removed we will accept those back for store credit or refund. Please mention which of these options you prefer when requesting a return authorization. However, if the item has been used (cellophane removed), the customer service manager must approve a one time courtesy return and a 25% restocking fee would be deducted from the store credit or refund. Choral Musical Preview Cd's are not accepted back unless the cellophane has not been removed. Note: Some customers mistake a midi disk for a Cd. Many PianoSoft products come in a jewel case that looks like a CD but is really a 3 1/2 inch floppy disk. All one time courtesy returns must first be approved by our customer service manager

For all other non returnable product, exceptions can be granted by the customer service manager for a one time courtesy exception for store credit only as long as the excluded item(s) are in new condition. Damaged items will not be accepted or an appropiate restocking fee will be assessed

Refunds or Store Credits only. Unfortunately due to the automation needed to handle a large volume we are not set up to do any kind of product exchange.

Shipping prices can only be refunded or adjusted if the product does not arrive in the time specified on priority UPS orders (UPS Orange, Blue or Red), or if you received a *different product than what you originally ordered. For instance, the inventory number does not match your original email receipt. We do not refund shipping charges if the customer decides to return the product(s) for any other reason except the above.

Please Note: Shipping times for expected delivery are based on 'Business' days which are Mon - Fri and do not include weekends or holidays.

Return Instructions
  • Do not return items back to sender or refuse delivery. Many times especially with priority UPS orders, they are shipped directly from the publisher. Doing either of these thing will slow the process considerably as the publishers do not accept returns from end customers. All returns must be sent to the retailer. Publishers will eventually forward these returns to us but that means the process can be delayed considerably, sometimes by months.

  • To return an item to us, Contact Us first by replying to an email receipt or shipping notice to tell us which item(s) you plan on returning. If you no longer have access to these emails, then please use our Return Authorization Form to inform us of your plans and to verify that you read the instructions herein. Please include your order confirmation number along with your name in the subject of the message. Also include the item(s)inventory number(s) in the body of the email intended for return. A return email will follow acknowledging that your have been authorized for return. This is important because our return dept. will now be expecting your package and this means you will get your return or store credit much faster.

    Please wrap the item(s) safely and securely before returning them and include your order number and return address both inside and outside the box along with all papers that came with the order. If you no longer have the paperwork you can print the Return Authorization email and include that instead.

  • All returned items must be in as-new, unused condition only. Items wrapped in protective cellophane must be returned in their original 'unopened' condition.

  • We can not be responsible for lost shipments so please use mail which have tracking ability or UPS whenever possible.

  • Once your return has been received by us and it's condition verified as satisfactory, we will credit you for the returned merchandise.

  • Return the items to the address below. Inc.
Returns: Att: Karen
555 Rte 78 Suite 165
Swanton VT 05488
Fax # (802) 818-1000

Gift Orders

If your order is a gift order and the gift recipient wishes to return or exchange it, they may do so for any reason within 30 days of receipt. It must be returned to us with the outer wrapping intact. Upon our receipt of the returned product, we'll be happy to give credit for the cost of the item(s) returned. The sender will only be responsible for the return shipping costs. Our Customer Service Department will be happy to help the gift recipient with a replacement order.

BackOrders / Permanently Out of Print

Unfortunately from time to time an item is unavailable. The publisher could be temporarily out of stock and in the process of being reprinted whereupon it automatically remains on backorder with the publisher until the customer chooses to cancel. Sometimes the publishers will decide for a variety of reasons to declare the item permanently out of production. You will be notified by email if either of these situations occurs.

For backorders you will be given the choice of waiting until it is available or to cancel. If you decide to wait, your credit card remains charged in full. This is to expedite the order to you as soon as it arrives back into the publishers stock as it will be shipped directly from the publisher to you. This is only true in the US and Canada. For international orders items must be received into our stock before it is forwarded on to the customer. No extra shipping charges are applied if you choose to wait.

Customers who do not respond to the notice are automatically put on the back order list. If you decide to cancel, your credit card will be refunded as soon as it can be processed by the accounts dept. Of course you can cancel at any time and request a refund up until the item has reached the shipping lanes. After that point it is too late to cancel.

Permanently out of print orders are automatically cancelled since these items can no longer be obtained from the publisher. Your card will be refunded. If you were waiting for a back order that was downgraded to POP, a full refund will be issued to your credit card.

PayPal orders can only be refunded withing 60 days of ordering. After that we can either send you the money back via PayPal (note they will charge you 2.7% for the transaction) or we can issue a store credit. If you cancel after the 60 days, please specify if you want the money sent back via a PayPal transaction (where you will be charged by PayPal) or accept a store credit for the full amount.

Mail orders can not be refunded via check. It's always wise to check with the order desk or customer service regardng the availability of the item before going through with a purchase using this payment method. Unfortunately this works well but not perfect as the item may be available when you order but back ordered or no longer in prnt by the time we receive the actual order and payment. Canceled backorders or permanently out of print orders are given store credit only. No refunds. However we will try to stop the check from going to the bank if we possibly can but checks are deposited on a daily basis therefore it's not always possible to do.

What are "Cookies"?

A 'cookie' is a very tiny piece of text, occupying just a few bytes on your hard drive. It's purpose is to let us know when you visit us. 'Cookies' help us evaluate visitor's use of our site, such as what customers are viewing. This information allows us to better focus on servicing our customers.
The text, by itself, only tells us that a previous visitor has returned. It does not tell us, who you are, or your email address or anything else personal. If you want to give us that information later, that's your choice.
You can control which 'cookies' you accept by setting your browser to accept all 'cookies' or to alert you every time a 'cookie' is offered. Then you can decide whether to accept one or not. The procedure for setting this up differs depending on the browser you are using. Utilize the "help" button on your browser for instructions.
We want to be sure you understand that accepting a 'cookie' in no way gives us access to your computer or any personal information about you.

Email Receipt - Confirmation Number

When you complete an order an autogenerated email receipt with your order details and confirmation number is sent out automatically. It's important that you provide us with a correct email address. If you are using a hotmail or other 'free email service' address please be sure that it is active.

If you didn't receive an email receipt within a few hours contact the Customer Service / Order Desk dept. immediately by email and give as much detail as you can. Approximate time of order, your name and address and anything else that will help us find your order. In most cases where an email receipt has not been received it is because the customer entered it incorrectly. Other reasons can be that the mail server is temporarily offline due to maintenence therefore not functional at the time or your mail box is full (common to hotmail). Also you or your Internet Service Provider may be using mail spam filters which are blocking our emails. Be sure to add our domain to any whitelist before ordering.

Having your proper email is crucial so that we may contact you regarding your order espcially in the case of back orders or if the item has gone out of print and no longer available. Of course you would want to know this as soon as possible. Please remember, we do not share your email nor will you suddenly start receiving newsletters or spam from us. We don't like spam either so it's a policy not to spam our customers.

Another reason for an accurate email is that your credit card order may be 'declined' by the order desk if it comes back as 'undelieverable'.

Our of print items

When an item goes out of print it is extremely unlikely that you will find it at any retailer. This is especially true if the item had been out of print for quite some time. In those cases your only hope would be a site that specializes in vintage out of print sheet music or a private sale from a collector.

For out of print items we recommend that you try eBay. More than one rare piece has been found there. Click on any of the eBay banners found on our site like the one below.
Out of Print?
Search EBay for out of print items
Top Spam / Virus - Spoofed E-Mails

Note: We never send file attachments for any reason

There are several computer viruses/worms in circulation these days that spoof e-mail addresses. By spoofing, we mean that a user receives e-mail that looks like it comes from one person when it was actually sent by someone else. The most recent versions of some viruses may also mention in the body of the message. For instance, we have become aware of an email which claims to be from our support staff. This one in particular is being investigated by the FBI & other law enforcement agencies to establish the source of this threat.

The email reads:

Dear user, the administration of would like to inform you

We have found that your e-mail account has been used to send a huge amount of spam during the last week. If you opened one of these attachments then it's probable that your computer had been compromised and now contains a trojan proxy server.

Please follow instructions in order to keep your computer safe.

Have a nice day,
The support team.

This email did not originate from us and you should not follow the instructions or open any attachments! As stated above, this one is being investigated as it looks like a direct attack on our business.

All incoming and outgoing emails from go through several virus filters to ensure that infected machines can not compromise our security systems

Because is so popular, many of our e-mail addresses are in wide circulation in people's address books. Viruses that use e-mail spoofing take a random name from somewhere on the infected person's hard drive and mail themselves out as if they were from that randomly chosen address. More recently, they have also been able to generate random addresses that don't really exist. Because of this many of our email addresses that were once posted on our site (before we began using forms) have been discontinued due to spam and virus attacks.

Unfortunately, the spoofed address in the From: field sometimes makes a virus look like it's from a address. Please know that we never send file attachments for any reason.

If you receive a message with a file attachment that looks like it's from us, don't open it. It's probably a virus.

There are several steps you should take to prevent trouble with viruses in general:

1. Use antivirus software. You can buy it off the shelf, online, or often through your internet service provider (ISP).

2. Update your virus definitions regularly. There are new viruses being created every day, so make sure to use software that is updated regularly. Learn how to update your software automatically at regular intervals (at least weekly).

3. Don't open any attachments, unless you know that they are coming in advance. Even if you know the person in the from field of the message, don't trust the message if it comes with a short, vague, or odd-sounding message like for your review, or an attachment that ends in .exe, .pif, or .zip. Even if you are sure the person is who they say they are, attachments from their computer can be dangerous simply because they could be unknowingly infected and ready to pass that on to you. By the way our incoming email system does not accept any emails that contain executable attachments.

Viruses are a costly nuisance for everyone, but if we all take the above precautions, we can help to minimize their spread to friends and colleagues.

If you have any questions or comments, or anything that help our ongoing investigation, please contact us.

Fraud Attempts

Using someone else's credit card number to order on the net is a felony crime in most countries. To combat this problem, our security dept has in place a number of 'red flags' to catch these people when the attempt to use a stolen or otherwise fraudulent credit card. This includes; capturing the user's I.P. address. Upon verifying fraud, we pass all information gathered over to the issuing credit card companies. We also will work with agencies such as the FBI, Interpol and Local Authorities such as police and customs in all countries in an effort to curb the use of fraudulent cards on the net.

Criminals Beware! If you plan on ripping us off... think again!

How To Browse

Browsing our site is simple and easy and that is what makes the favorite place to find interesting new products or just browse sheet music. Most sites will offer just a few products that probably doesn't relate to the majority of visitors and unless you know the exact name of the product, you probably won't find anything. But here, we take the approach that the best gems are found just by looking around. That's why we made it easy to browse this site like you are walking the aisles of your favorite store.

Browsing is as simple as remembering this one rule. On every page there is a Blue section on the right hand side of the page showing different categories and instruments. These break down the site and subject so you can zero in on what you are really interested in. For instance, selecting guitar will bring up another page and on the right in the Blue section you will see different genre's, formats etc all relating to guitar. See how easy it is? Works the same for items found under Group/Artists or let's say Christmas Sheet Music You will have a breakdown of all the formats available from fake books and original sheet music to orchestra and band scores and even midi and software. This database is constantly changing as new products are added on a regular basis

If you have any suggestions to make it easier, please let us know by emailing us. (click on contact us Live Help picture at the top of this page and don't forget to bookmark us!

Chorals / Musicals

Our Choral Page can help with the abreviated terms and tips on how to buy choral and musicals.

Chorals are not sold in packages but as individual items. For first time buyers of Choral / Musicals, please be aware that the vast majority are sold as individual pieces and are not 'packaged' except for a few of the few titles titles such as songkits etc.

Most teachers buy the Teacher's Edition or Director's Manual, Singers 5 pak and/or REPRO PAK and accompaniment ShowTrax / ChoirTrax Cd or Cassette.

Please Note: Popular Christmas / Holiday titles are usually sold out by October.
Order now to be sure you get the title you want!

All descriptions are provided by the publisher and they are generic in nature, meaning that they all say the same thing. Some people have confused the word 'Available' to mean 'Included'. Also, they all list the available parts but some of the titles are being discontinued so be sure that the parts you want are there. If you search and don't see them, they are probably out of print but it doesn't hurt to send us an email to ask. These generic descriptions are being re-written by the publisher but at this time we haven't been told when this will be accomplished.

Some of our customer's also have objected to the price of some of the choral cd's (ShowTrax and ChoirTrax). For the explanation we went again to the publishers. Here's what we were told.

Performance Cd's have a lot of costs connected to them. An arranger has to be paid to score the song, a band and in some cases an entire orchestra is hired to perform it, the studio time involved, all this factored in with the fact that very few are sold (in comparison let's say a normal music CD) leads to the higher cost.

Also note there are return restrictions on many choral products especially ShowTrax Cd's. Please see our Return Policy & Procedure section for more details.

If you feel that more explanation is needed, contact our Customer Service dept. We'd be glad to help you find the right choral for your group.

S ... Soprano

A ... Alto

T ... Tenor

B ... Bass

PREV ... Preview Example Only - Not for performance

ShowTrax/ChoirTrax ...Split Track CD's or Cassettes. Contains full version with vocals and accompaniment for live performance

TEACHER ED ...Teacher's Edition

SINGER 5PAK ...5 Booklets of vocal lines and dialog

REHTRX PAK ...Performance Cassette

REPRO PAK ...lyric sheets, dialog, and activity pages

Director's Manual ...songs, dialog and piano accompaniments, teaching materials, lesson plans and movement

Director's Manual ...songs, dialog and piano accompaniments, teaching materials, lesson plans and movement

How to Search this Site

To search our site first choose the category in the pull-down tab left of the search box that is closest in relating to your search. In the search box enter the keywords for the type of or specific product you are looking for, then hit enter or click the Search Products button. Try to keep the words you are searching to the point of what you are looking for avoiding non significant words such as and, also, & , or,... etc.

Double Quotes:
You may use double quotes around words that are part of a phrase.
Example: Search Products will find Turbo Music's You're The Star Series.

Required & Restricted words:
It's possible to specify words that should or should not appear in the results. Place a + in front of the words that must appear in the results and a - in front of words that must not appear in the results.
Example: Search Products will find any Guitar products, except Bass.

Wildcard Character ( * ):
A wildcard character, asterisk ( * ), can be used to find words that may be attached to other words or are extended by 6 letters or less.
Example: Search Products will find Sing, Singer, Singing, etc.

Read below to learn about each category in the pull-down tab:

If you don't have a specific category for your search.

Group/Artist full name or last name (also find it by browsing under Group/Artist)

This works for song titles only, if you can't find what you are looking for, shorten the title to it's most important keywords.

Search by putting in the name of your instrument such as Guitar or Piano (although, again browsing is more specific!) or brand name such as Clavisoft, Yamaha etc...

You can make a 'general' search specifically for Books, Video, or Software. For example if you are looking for guitar software choose the category Software and type 'guitar'.

If you know the Product/Inventory or ISBN number of the product you are looking for use the following pull-down tabs for your search. Note: We have the full Hal Leonard catalog

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